Biosol is a 100% organic long lasting fertilizer with soil improving consequences. Biosol has a balanced nutrition ratio and supplies the plant with micro and macro nutrients throughout the whole growing period. Building the organic matter and humus allows the soil to become active, allowing the nutrients to be available for plant intake. It is the high organic material in the Biosol that improves the humus content of the soil in addition to providing quality nutrients for plants. The soil is enriched, rooting is strengthened and the growing and vitality of your turf is increased, while strengthening the plants resistance against disease. Biosol lacks salt and is therefore suitable for greenhouse crops and arid/low precipitation areas. The risk of nitrate leaching is very low because of the organic fixation of the nutrients and nitrogen, providing the ultimate use of nutrients. Biosol is a safe and ecological fertilizer because of the selected raw materials and added vitamins. Since Biosol is 100% organic, it is safe to use around children and animals.


Products: Biosol 7-2-1 & Biosol 6-1-1


Products: Startak 100 & Startak 600

Menefee Humate

Products: Granular Menefee Humate, Grow-Plex SP & SeaMate Fe 6-8-12


Products: MyCo Apply All Purpose Granular, MyCo Apply All Purpose Soluble, MyCo Apply Soluble MAXX, MyCo Apply Endo, MyCo Apply Micronized Endo, MyCo Apply Ultra Fine Endo, MyCo Apply Liquid Endo


Rocky Mountain Bio Products
Biosol 6-1-1 is 100% Organic and OMRI Certified

In 1987 Rocky Mountain Bio Products started with one organic product called "Biosol", a natural organic product. Over several years we slowly added other high quality products to our product line. Biosol Forte was added as an economical alternative to Biosol, while producing the same great results. Earthgreen's Menefee Humate, a micro nutrient and trace element product, was added to allow us to supply these important micro nutrients for those plant and soils that need it. In early 2003 Mycorrhizae became an important amendment that is a vital fungi necessary for plant establishment and plant growth. This fits directly into our product line because the Dry Mycellium that makes up our Biosol product is the vegetative source for mycorrhizae. The synergy from these products allows us to be able to customize and meet the needs of any project large or small. Lastly, our Chemstar Startak product line allows our customers the ability to have an economical plant based organic tackifier that is used where erosion control is critical when hydro-seeding or soil protection is needed. Often used to ensure seed to soil contact, it is one of the only tackifiers encompassing some small fertilizing elements. With these high quality and economical products we are able to customize fertilizers and soil amendments for any project large or small. Our products have all been research tested in the laboratory and in the field. Today we are reclaiming some of the worst soils around the world. We are able to provide a top soil alternative where we can fix your current dirt to create a productive soil full of beneficial bacterial and fungal biomass with nutrients for soil plants. We are always continuing to keep our eyes open to any new natural products that are beneficial for soil and plant health sot hat we can share our knowledge and information with our clients.

  • Biosol For Landscaping

    Biosol's high quality stable and organically bound nutrients will promote healthy soil and plant growth in flowers, trees & shrubs.

  • Biosol For Organic Farming

    Biosol is particularly effective in organically grown vegetables, berries and apples.

  • Biosol For Mine Reclamation

    Biosol is considered to be ecologically superior to mineral fertilizers because of its slow uniform release and low heavy metal values.

  • Biosol For Post Fire Revegetation

    Biosol Forte’s stable organic material will support vegetation for years, with long lasting nutrients to activate those burned and disturbed soils.

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